Getting ready for the new school year (with extra attitude)

I don't really have a lot to say about these two stories that have come across my screen in the past day, or so. Only, perhaps, that I won't ever understand the need to pass these kinds of laws.

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker to Prevent Same-Sex Couples Hospital Visitation Rights

And that, thankfully, there are people out there who fight better and smarter than me, and remind me to keep on fighting the nonsense and discrimination.

George Takei responds to "Don't Say Gay" bill
Now that teachers in Tennessee aren't allowed to discuss homosexuality, Sulu has come up with an alternative


At least there's this news to remind me that we might be headed in the right direction:

Poll: Majority in US back same-sex marriage
Gallup shows 53 percent say it should be legal, up from 44 percent last year

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